About Atlas Eyewear


Atlas Eyewear was formed in 2006 after California based cosmetic dentist Dr. Rene Dell'Acqua saw a need for an attractive alternative to the current market of safety eyewear. Creating a niche and fulfilling a need for light weight, stylish, functional safety eyewear, she designed and manufactured a cost effective alternative to the current market. We have ventured into an untapped area of the market. The CEO, Dr. Dell'Acqua is a leader in the dental industry and seeks to bring form, function and comfort into dental and medical offices and to students all over the world.

Atlas eyewear prides itself on high quality, sleek, fashionable, affordable, lightweight eyewear that meets and exceeds ANSI and OSHA standards. We also understand the importance of customer service and have a top notch team of professionals to handle your needs.

Dental schools have already begun to include the eyewear in their first year student kits. We have had an incredible response to our product and are very excited to expand our business.

-As seen in Dental Products Review.